Warhel :: Russian officials destroyed tonnes of food

Russian officials destroyed tonnes of food

Updated on: 07-Aug-2015
Russian officials have bulldozed tonnes of cheese,fruit and vegetables, defying public outrage to begin a controversial drive to destroy Western food smuggled into the country under embargo.

President Vladimir Putin last week signed a decree ordering the trashing of all food that breaches a year old embargo on Western imports imposed in retaliation to sanctions over the Ukraine crisis. Russian officials destroyed tonnes of food

Russian television showed a small mountain of illegally imported European cheese being bulldozed in the Belgorod region bordering Ukraine on Thursday, while zealous workers threw boxes of European bacon into an incinerator at Saint Petersburg Pulkovo airport.

The cheeses arrived from Ukraine in unmarked boxes, but were most likely produced in the European Union, a reporter at the scene said.

Two truckloads of European tomatoes and three of nectarines and peaches were being smashed with a tractor and bulldozer in the Smolensk region after they arrived with fake documents, the food safety agency said.

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