Warhel :: Police save baby from toilet pipe in beijing

Police save baby from toilet pipe in beijing

Updated on: 05-Aug-2015
Beijing: A policeman rescued a newborn baby who was stuck face-down in a public toilet, reaching his arm down into the pipe to gently pull out the infant,on Tuesday.

The baby girl was in stable condition at a hospital in the Chinese capital, and authorities were trying to identify her parents and find out how she ended up in the toilet.Police save baby from toilet pipe in beijing

The local broadcaster aired a video taken by police of the rescue on Sunday by officer Qian Feng following reports of cries in a public restroom in a Beijing alley.

Unmarried mothers in China sometimes abandon newborns because of social stigma associated with out-of-wedlock births. Sometimes parents also discard children born with defects.

In 2013, rescuers in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang gingerly cut open a sewer pipe to save a baby boy, who his mother said accidentally slipped into the toilet where she delivered the child.

Local media reports said the woman became pregnant after a one-night stand but hid the pregnancy from her parents. She later admitted to police she was the mother.

On Sunday, police spotted the child's feet in the toilet pipe and called for help from firefighters, but before they could arrive, Qian got down on the ground to pull the baby out.

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